If you’ve ever wondered, what’s it like to walk through a labyrinth in the dark, sensing your surroundings only with your hands and bare feet, it's time to visit us and CHECK IT OUT!


If you’re curious what’s it likes to walk in complete darkness, visit our darkroom. It’s a labyrinth, where you will feel all of your senses sharpen, because you have to cross it in the dark, sensing your way and the things you step on only with your bare hands and feet. Be sure that you’ll feel a lot of adrenaline!!!

This entertainment is included in DINO.LT Radailiai park ticket price.

The park's administration remains the right to change the open hours of the entertainment facilities.


Phone:  +370 685 11764

Address: Pušyno g. 9, Radailiai, Klaipėda district.

E-mail.: dino@dino.lt

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