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Classification: Ornithischia, hadrosaurid

Body length: 10 m

Body weight: 3 t

Epoch: Late Cretaceous

Locations: North America

Parasaurolophus was a duck-like dinosaur with a long crest. It had a sharp vision and hearing and that was all it could use to protect against predators. Its horny beak had no teeth, except for several maxillary teeth.

Parasaurolophus could have been a herd animal, migrating from the shores to higher locations for the mating period. It was a herbivore, feeding on pine needles, leaves and small branches.

Parasaurolophus walked and ran on two feet and belonged to the species of dinosaurs that were faster than others. It probably walked on all fours searching for food and plants, and could have spent some time in the water.

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