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The wooden elf houses are quickly taken over by the smallest visitors of the park.


The wooden elf houses are quickly taken over by the smallest visitors of the park. Here small height is an instant advantage.

Children quickly inhabit this town, creatively exploring their likes, abilities and passions. The new citizens of the town can become artists, chefs, pharmacists, doctors, sellers or join a fire fighting or a police brigade.

Well, let’s face it, who hasn’t played ‘House’ back in the day? In the elf town the kids can be kids and unleash their imagination! After all, where else could the little tykes hide from the adults and older kids? :)

This entertainment is included into DINO.LT park ticket price.

The origin story of the Elf Town:

The Elf Town

Once, a small elf walked along the river. His head was full of existential thoughts. ‘Why am I alone, where could I find more people like me, why everyone’s so tall and I’m short, perhaps I’m all alone in the entire wide world and nobody needs me...’ he though and his thoughts worried the little traveller.


As he was walking along the river bank, he suddenly tripped over a tree branch and fell on the soft grass near the beautiful and picturesque Radailiai Manor. ‘Oh!’ exclaimed the little elf. ‘What a beautiful forest – all cosy and serene. What’s the point of travelling on, when this place is so beautiful!’ he said and built himself a house. Days passed and the small elf was soon joined by more elves, coming from lands far and near, from left and right, stumbling upon this place accidentally or coming in organised groups – all of them were looking for home.

They built a shop, a forge, a school, their homes and thus established a truly colourful elf town. No human or elf is alone in this world – there are lots of other people and elves. You only have to never give up looking and find them.

That is a town of fantasy, imagination, experiences and feelings, where all children are welcome and where short height is an advantage.