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Celebrate your prom at the wild DINO.LT Radailiai Dinosaur Park!

Kaina: 15,90 € / asm.

Trukmė: 1 val. 30 min.

Priimame: Grupes nuo 10 asmenų

The price includes:

  • Unlimited entertainment all day long. 

You can not only enjoy your day in wild nature among 52 real-life size roaring and moving dinosaurs, but also try all entertainment facilities that are included into the ticket price, such as the 5D cinema, electric cars, renewed trampolines, laser guns, carousels, the mirror maze, etc. In total – 25 entertainment options in one place. 





















  • A fun and energetic way to get to now dinosaurs!

That’s not just some simple tour around the park, but an amazing introduction into the dinosaur world. Walking around the park and pretending that the dinosaurs have come to life, we will go on an adventure running, shouting, hiding and, if needed, attacking.






















  • Searching for dinosaur bones.

When we get to know the peculiarities of the dinosaur world, together with our group we will continue to search for the dinosaur bones. We will not only have to find the location of possible dinosaur bones on the map, but also use actual palaeontologist tools – a trowel, a chisel and brushes – to unearth these bones.  


Daugiau informacijos: arba telefonu: +370 652 55666

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