Have fun and energetic kids' excursions with dinosaurs and endless fun!


Why come to
Dinosaur Park Dino.lt Radailiai
with the whole class?

Because you only pay once and entertain unlimited times throughout the day!

Ticket price includes:

Unlimited entertainment throughout the day.

Not only will you be wild throughout the day among 52 wild-sized, roaring, moving dinosaurs, but you will also experience all of the ticket-price entertainment.

Such as 5D cinema, electric cars, upgraded trampolines, laser guns, carousels, maze of mirrors and more. 25 different attractions in one place.

A fun and energetic meeting with dinosaurs.

It's an amazing park tour and an energetic and fun meeting with dinosaurs

Travelling through the park and imagining the dinosaurs come alive with the group, we'll have an adventure: running, screaming, hiding, if needed and attacking.

Picnic place.

Where kids will have a rest, eat delicious meals made by Dino.lt Pizzeria and Dino.lt snack bar, and regain strength until further into the EVENING!

For groups from 15 persons


Excursion FREE*

* Pre-registration is required for groups wishing tours.


Phone:  +370 685 11764

Address: Pušyno g. 9, Radailiai, Klaipėda district.

E-mail.: dino@dino.lt

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