Educational program “Find The Dinosaur” is for students who wish to become the real archaeologists

What is a fossil? Is it some kind of a contagious virus? Yes, in a way, because as soon as you find one while working on a clay tablet with actual palaeontologist tools, you will want to do it again and again, discovering different fossils each time!

We offer educational programmes for student groups and can come to your school. In addition, when the dinosaurs have already awakened from their winter sleep, we offer several outdoor educational programmes as well.

Information about the educational program "Find The Dinosaur"

Ši edukacija yra įtraukta: į kultūros paso paslaugų rinkinį.

Program's time: 45-60 minutes

Age of participants: not limited

in the program can be over 40 participants

There's already over 150 schools that became archaeologists

Price: only 5,5e for clay tablets*

*After the educational program all the clay tablets are souvenirs for students.

See by yourself how the "Find The Dinosaur" program looks like


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