DINO.LT RADAILIAI DINOSAUR PARK hosts 52 life-size roarings, moving, hissing and water-spraying dinosaurs! We love and train them! 

DINO.LT RADAILIAI DINOSAUR PARK is the home of a number of wonderful, well-behaved and trained dinosaurs. They all are loved, trained and very beautiful. For example, the dinosaur king – Tyrannosaurus Rex – lives in the middle of the park. Towering above, he keeps watching the visitors, waiting for someone to stay for the night... :)

Just around the corner, there lives a family of Triceratopses with two cubs. The dad – as dads do – protects his family and is ready to defend it against any intruder with his huge horns.

The swamp a bit further on is the home of the Spinosaurus – it’s a bit further away from the T-Rex to avoid any conflict on who’s bigger and more beautiful. :) 

The Dilophosaurus enjoys the company of the Guanlong and sometimes surprises the visitors with a fountain of water. And if the day is sunny, the fountain shines in all colours of the rainbow – a truly wonderful sight. Have you seen it already? 

Ankylosaurus lives a bit further from other dinosaurs. He’s a loner and doesn’t really talk much with the visitors. Perhaps that’s because he has a turtle-like armour and likes to be alone.

We also need to mention Oviraptor, stealing eggs from the poor Hadrosaurus, the slow Mayasaurus, the wise Compsognathus and many more – all unique, magnificent and loved. 

Don't be afraid – we do our best to teach them, train them to be friendly and nice during your visits. :) 

We love them and hope that you will fall in love with them too, visiting them at least three times a year (in spring, summer and autumn)!!! 


The dinosaurs at the DINO.LT RADAILIAI DINOSAUR PARK is not only life-size – each of them is known for their own character, movement, behaviour and roaring. 

 IMPORTANT:  Dear parents and children, please respect the dinosaur’s personal space. Keep a respectful distance while interacting or taking pictures, do not step over special markings, protective ropes and fences. Follow the warning signs and indications in the park’s territory and keep to the rules, as well as maximum safety requirements.

They have invited you all to their home and don't spare their energy in interacting with each of you, whenever you come. We kindly ask not to climb on or touch our large pet dinosaurs. In hopes to enjoy their company longer, let’s refrain from making them angry with disrespectful behaviour, otherwise, you will be asked to leave without a right to come back.

The park's administration wishes everyone a safe time of entertainment and recreation!


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