Crazy adventures at the Dinosaur Park

Are your children roaring with excitement to go on a summer adventure? This is the best time to register them to the Dinosaur Park summer adventure camp!


We’ll experience more than 100 adventures in just a week!

Every day you will engage in:

-Educational activities: looking for dinosaur fossils, learning the secrets of nature, creating, building and even blowing things up.

-Entertainment: a swimming pool, an upside-down house, a 5D cinema, roundabouts, trampolines, a laser battle, a mirror labyrinth, paddle boats, electric cars, a jungle gym, a mini zoo... 

-Active recreation: jungle games, dinosaur abduction, treasure hunt and extremely fun games with friends...


100 adventures! Fun time, new friends and memories every day! 

The camp leader is Laura Sadauskienė with 10 years of experience in working with children. 

Age group:  6 to 12 years

Camp open hours:  07:40 – 17:30, Mo-Fri

Price: €170 FOR 5 DAYS

The price includes: Catering 3 times a day, entertainment, educational activities, all necessary supplies.

Shifts: from 28 June 2021 to 13 August 2021