Dinosaurs got tired of bird songs and decided to purchase huge musical instruments. It turns out that as soon as the night came, they used to take out their musical instruments and play them. And then hide them from the visitors!

The dinosaur trainers didn't like such selfish behaviour, so they took the big instruments and fixed them in the concrete to be enjoyed by everyone – both the visitors of the park and the dinosaurs. Thus, aside from the dinosaur roaring, the park is also full of the sounds of music.

Love music like you do yourself.

Music can open our souls, waking us for sympathy and love. According to Dr Tomatis, it is ‘the ears that develop the brain’.

Music improves children's and adults’ mental processes, i.e. imagination, focus, memory, thinking and emotions. Music improves vitality and creativity. Music is also directly related to the development of human identity and self-discovery.

However, no matter how beautiful music is, silence is the most beautiful music of all.

This entertainment is included into DINO.LT park ticket price.


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