Classification: Saurichsia, sauropod, titanosauriformes

Body length: 25 m

Body weight: 80 t

Epoch: Late Jurassic

Locations: North America

Brachiosaurus is one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs ever discovered. It used to have a short neck, a small head and a relatively short, thick tail. Branchiosaurus was a herbivore and fed on plants.

Its major source of food most likely has been from the tops of trees, eaten using its chisel-shaped teeth. Brachiosaurus also most likely travelled in packs, migrating from place to place as soon as local food resources grew scarce.

Size was its best method of defence, plus it also had a long tail, which could be used for hitting many of its enemies. Brachiosaurus, just like many other sauropods, used to live for about 100 years.