Visit this unique facility to rediscover the world around you and have an unforgettable experience!


The unique new entertainment facility and the first of its kind in Lithuania – the UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE – opened its door on 1 October 2016 in Radailiai, only 7 km from Klaipėda.


UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE RADAILIAI is a house, standing on its roof, where everything is upside down, playfully messing with your daily routine and senses.


This relaxing space is a welcoming retreat for anyone, tired of the day-to-day routine and habits, offering a new look to the need for comfort and stability.


Upside down houses and palaces are quite popular all around the world and now you won't have to cover a large distance to try it out. Come and see for yourself! The Upside Down House Radailiai is established in Radailiai, only 7 km from Klaipėda, nearby the DINO.LT RADAILIAI DINOSAUR PARK.


Daily 10:00 – 18:00 h. (no new visitors are allowed past 17:00)


Upon purchasing the ticket, you can go out to have lunch at the nearby Radailiai Manor Restaurant and then return to the park.


*The park's administration remains the right to change the open hours of the entertainment facilities.



Adults                                   6€


Children (2-12 y.)                4,5€


*Children up to 2 years – Free

Ticket booking for groups from 15 people

Phone: +370 685 11764 and e-mail:


We offer unique educational programmes for student groups. 

We can also offer the Escape House programme for company or friend parties. 

The programmes are included into the ticket price.


Phone:  +370 685 11764

Address: Pušyno g. 9, Radailiai, Klaipėda district.


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