We’d like to introduce you to the great adventurer Laura Sadauskienė – the cabin leader of the DINO camp!

Hello, I’m Laura and I’m friends with all children! I've been working with kids for more than 10 years! 

Educational activities, camps, events and celebrations for children make me feel like at home. Communicating with kids was my true hobby and work until I realised that it’s not just work anymore – it has become a lifestyle and it’s the best.

I’m a kids’ magnet, always surrounded by children. I get on will all kids very well.

After completing a course in pedagogy and psychology I can now dive right into the camp world. I’m glad to be able to develop a programme that is interesting both to me and the children. Can’t wait to go on the summer adventures with kids! I’m looking forward the summer camp and its adventures more than my birthday.

It will be fun, I promise!


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Meet the platoon leaders!
Squad leader Kristina

(also speaks Russian)

Hello! I am Kristina :) I am studying childhood pedagogy in Klaipeda, so I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to work with children in this camp. I think not only will we have fun, but we will also learn certain things from each other. The child is a personality, so my goal is to establish a relationship of trust with each individual.
Squad leader Emilia
Hi, I'm Emilia! The kids say I never stop smiling. But I'm not going to stop either! I am very happy to be able to meet the kids at this camp for the second year in a row. It is a real joy to be able to build a strong and memorable connection with each child.
Squad leader Gabrielė
Hello! I am Gabrielė :) I spent many summers caring for the little ones until I finally realized that communicating and being with children is my vocation. I love children and working with them so much, so I am ready to share a good mood and warmth with your offspring!
Squad leader Giedrė
Hello! My name is Giedrė, I am studying at KU childhood pedagogy studies. I think this fact alone proves that children are my vocation that has accompanied me all my life! Children are a real joy from which certain things can be learned.

Don’t hesitate! Register for the camp 2021 now and have lots of dinosauric fun at the Dino Camp: