Classification: Reptiles, ornithischia

Body length: 9 m

Body weight: 6 t

Epoch: Late Cretaceous

Locations: Western North America

The entire upper side of an ankylosaurus used to be heavily protected from predators with thick, oval-shaped plates, grown into the skin, two rows of spikes along the body, large horns on the back of the head and a bat-like tail.

It also had bone plates to protect its eyes. The only place not protected by the plates was its belly, thus the only way to injure it was to turn it upside-down. Ankylosaurus had four short legs (the back legs were larger), a short neck and a wide scull with small brain.

This large and immensely heavy reptile was a herbivore. It had to eat heaps of plants, growing on the ground for sustenance, thus its belly must have been enormous.


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