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DINO.LT RADAILIAI PARK offers an extreme experience – an opportunity of unlimited visits to the extreme 5D cinema!


DINO.LT park shows dozens of all kinds of films. Each of them features various special effects: an imitation of wind and rain, fire, fog, thunder, moving floor, the feeling of riding a roller-coaster, the sense of flight and falling, as well as the dangers of the jungle and the joys of fairy tales!

The special glasses will make the film real, making you the main hero of the story! Dive into the oasis of an unforgettable experience at DINO.LT park! The 5D cinema at DINO.LT Radailiai park offers 3-7 minute films of all kinds of topics and for different age groups.

The most popular ones include:

• My Friend Dinosaur – dinosaur wildlife, environment, fights, dangers and friendship (for the smallest viewers);

• Roller-coaster in the Jungle/With the Eagle/With Scorpions – as good as an actual roller-coaster ride, offering very extreme sensations (adults will enjoy it too);

• The Wild Sahara Desert – will enable you to feel the real drama of surviving in the desert (adults will enjoy it too);

• Alice in the Wonderland – especially for girls.

• And dozens of others... Information: film sessions take place every 20 min. During the season we show the films non-stop. There are no age limits, but due to some effects and sensations, we don't recommend them for children under 5 years old – decide at your own responsibility.

This entertainment is included in DINO.LT Radailiai park ticket price.

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