DINO.LT RADAILIAI Dinosaur Park is established in a location, surrounded by wonderful nature, at Pušyno g. 9, Radailiai – only 7 km from Klaipėda.


In the 8 ha territory, you will see many of our pet dinosaurs, which roar, move and even spray water. We also offer lots of other entertainment, such as 5D cinema, electric cars, paddle boats, carousels, trampolines and many more – all that is included into a single ticket price. There are also many locations for your picnics, a pizzeria, a grill and an ice-cream shop. Thus, be ready to spend here an entire day.


We promise you unforgettable moments and wild nature among dinosaurs.



What is a fossil? Is it some kind of a contagious virus? Yes, in a way, because as soon as you find one while working on a clay tablet with actual palaeontologist tools, you will want to do it again and again, discovering different fossils each time!

We offer educational programmes for student groups and can come to your school. In addition, when the dinosaurs have already awakened from their winter sleep, we offer several outdoor educational programmes as well.



Your child’s birthday is a special event and the best option is to have the best experience for the kids without parents having to put too much effort.


DINO.LT RADAILIAI DINOSAUR PARK offers to contribute to this beautiful event of your child’s life and help organise the celebration!


All entertainment facilities, located in the park, are INCLUDED into the ticket price.

You can spend your entire day enjoying all facilities at DINO.LT RADAILIAI DINOSAUR PARK with no limit.

We wish you a great time at DINO.LT entertainment and recreation theme park!